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Next Performing:

Such a good question. We had something lined up in January and then my father was ill for a few weeks. He's fine now but that's not what you're asking, you're asking when the next gig is and to be honest it depends on Kiell's filming dates for Ghosts Season 5 as to whether we do String V SPITTA nights or I do my solo stuff. Is it common knowledge that Ghosts are doing a 5th season? Apologies if that's supposed to be under wraps. But I mean come on it's a fab show and it was always going to go to series Mambo Number Five. 

Still not tackled the issue of gigs, have I. I KNOW we've got a sort of Eurovision thing lined up in May at the Clapha,m Grand, and I'm performing at a funeral in early Spring, otherwise we've got a baby on the way so it really is a case of battening down the hatches and seeing if we can get a slot at Glastonbury. Yes you heard me correctly. I've applied for us to perform at Glastonbury. Kiell has NO IDEA. 

Otherwise, fingers crossed we'll be doing our occasional host nights at Soho Theatre and MOTH Club. 

Ed Macarthur Ed Fringe Show
Ed Macarthur Ed Fringe Show


More previews coming soon

It's a two man musical comedy about two rival children's entertainers in the style of Amadeus v Grime music. It's me and Kiell Smith-Bynoe, and he's tremendous to be fair.

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